No time to breathe (or is it eat), let alone yard work

How am I supposed to get it all done? I feel like I don’t have time to breathe, let alone do yard work. We had several trees planted in December (dormant time in the Pacific Northwest).

The guy who planted it did not tie it up. The nursery claims and the wind whipped it around and it fell over.

Day 2… (back in December)
Now look at it…  clearly it didn’t make it.

Three of the four Portuguese Laurel have some sort of disease and have now all but died.


​Not so healthy….

Even sicker….

Really sick….

It normally rains most of the winter in the Pacific Northwest, so “remembering to water” isn’t something we really have to do. But NOOOOOO not this winter… the last month has been dryer than usual. Trying to remember to put soaker hose out and water is difficult to remember – especially since I also tend to forget to eat.  At least these are dead and I don’t have to remember watering them! 🙂

At least I am still breathing!!! 🙂