Puppy sitting

Our wonderful neighbors (Ma and Pa) have an adorable dog. Her name is Rosie. When Rosie goes outside to “do her business” she always looks towards our house to see if I’m in the backyard or looking out the window. She’s a fan on mine. I’m a fan of hers.

When I go for a visit she greets me with such great excitement. I immediately stop, bend over and rub her ears. She then rolls over and wants her tummy rubbed. What a doll!

Here she is yesterday… she was happy to come for a visit…

Well, Rosie sometimes barks when company comes. Not so much when I visit, but with new people … she lets her voice be heard.

This week Ma and Pa have some out of town visitors and I offered to puppy sit while they were there – just to make it easier on everyone. Especially Ma (she’s recovering from surgery a week ago). So, Rosie came for a visit again today. I was working from home. While I was working at the kitchen table and Rosie stayed close by…

She just curled up underneath the table and waited for me to move…

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of a dog who is just waiting for you to get up so she can follow you?

When Hubby came into the room she got up and greeted him. She’s not too familiar with him… But Hubby said, “Now, Rosie, you’re in my house now…” He leaned over and pet her. She then followed his every move…

Then he sat down to put his shoes on… Rosie was not letting him out of her sight!

She was so cute. When he left for an errand, she sat by the door and watched it… waiting for him to return… alas… her Pa called me. He was home and it was time for her to leave… She quickly forgot about my Hubby … she had her Pa.

Thanks for visiting today, Rosie. Come back when you can stay longer! 🙂