Stop and smell the flowers

Remember a few days ago when I puppy-sat Rosie? Well, she did something I just had to share, but first let’s take some time to smell the flowers…

I’ve always loved lavender. It reminds me of my childhood. We had a lavender bush at the house where I grew up. … fond memories. I want to plant one or two in our yard! (I’ll add that to my “To Do” list.)

My favorite flower… the rose…

Carnations. and chrysanthemums (at least​ I think that is what that white flower is… I’m no expert)IMG_1241.JPG

Not sure what this is.. but it is sure pretty…

Butterflies are so pretty… these are nice touch…

Now back to Rosie… look how smart of a dog she is…


I knew she was smart, but never imagined she knew how to dial the phone or even had a credit card!


I suspect she had Ma do it… Thank you, Rosie (Ma)!!

Love you!

P.S. You did NOT have to order me flowers… Puppy sitting is what friends do… at least in my world… I didn’t give it a second thought…