Lady Warriors WIN 2 out of 3 this week!

This has been an exciting week for the Lady Warrior softball team. As I mentioned on Wednesday, we only won one game last year. The girls have played extremely well this week. Winning 2 of their 3 games. Coupled with their win on Friday last week, that’s 3 of the last 4 games!

Needless-to-say, the girls’ morale is really good. 🙂 We have a new coach this year and he works them REALLY REALLY HARD, but it is clearly paying off!

I think Offspring played really well tonight. I only got to see her bat once (I was late getting there. Sorry, Offspring!)

Sometimes I like to think she’s daring them to pick her off…

Although, I got to see her play more defensively. Her fellow infield players need to make some better throws – she’s having to stretch quite a bit to make the outs. Here are some pictures showing some of the action… ​

A dad got this… as you see she’s having to lean over…

Here it is from my seat…

But gravity took over…


…but good news … she kept ahold of the ball and…

…the runner was OUT!​​

Nice job, Lady Warriors! And Offspring… I’m glad you’re having fun getting dirty! 🙂