Reasons to rejoice today…

  1. The sun is out… (at least for now)
  2. It’s Friday
  3. A very dear long-time friend’s birthday is today – Happy 53rd Birthday, Poper! 53… you’re still young!
  4. Two other new friend’s birthdays are today – Happy Birthday, Kelly M and Jennifer J!
  5. I got a post on my blog from a stranger. Remember my first blog posting? You know… I met Pioneer Woman… yeah… now you remember.. Well, one of the women (Abigail) I visited with that night found my blog via Pioneer Woman’s Facebook page. She posted a comment! Needless-to-say, I was excited and haven’t stopped smiling.
  6. It’s Friday – I know I already said that, but… the week’s almost over.
  7. UPDATE… Received my 2nd “stranger” blog comment – this time from Becky from the the Pioneer Woman book signing.

What are you rejoicing about today? Are you happy it’s Friday or is there something special making you smile today?

Well… speaking of Friday… off to work now…