Haunted Tree – Part 1

Have you ever stopped and looked at a tree against the blue sky? I’m not sure what it is, but sometimes the shapes intrigue me… Until a few weeks ago I don’t remember ever seeing one that looked haunted.

“Did you just say haunted?” you ask. Yep… you know haunted… “having or showing signs of mental anguish or torment : the hollow cheeks, the haunted eyes.

I went for a walk on a early Spring day and came upon this tree… it looked like it had been tormented and was lonely among all the other trees. It also reminded me of something…


… the trees from The Wizard of Oz… You know the ones… the mean ones… or were they haunted?

What do you think? Of what does it remind you?

P.S. Come back tomorrow and you can help me. I’ll show you some photo effects I did on this photo and you can help me pick the best one.