Thought of the day… “As we grow old… the beauty steals inward.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

I had originally planned [hoped] that I would post about The Offspring’s softball team winning their rain-rescheduled game. Unfortunately they didn’t win. 🙁 They play again tonight and Friday. My understanding is that if they win at least one of those games that they will qualify for State playoffs. Which would be exciting!

So, what to post today has me a bit stumped… HAH! That’s it… stumps… tree stumps… [seriously, I just thought of it!]

Yes, I actually have a few photos of tree stumps. “What?! Why would you take a photo of a tree stump?” you ask… Well, let’s talk about them…

Take this tree stump (SOOC*)… kind of boring right?

What can one do with a tree stump? If you’re when taking senior portrait pictures and you’re out in “the woods” [or the client’s backyard which happens to be “the woods”] you can use it for photos like these…

I know… you’re asking yourself, “What is she talking about?” Let’s look at the composition before I had her boyfriend step in…

Notice the stump sticking out? Most people don’t notice it because they’re looking at her… 🙂

You can also use shorter tree stumps for photos like these.

Where’s the stump? She’s sitting on it…

So much for being “stumped”… Have a GREAT DAY!

*SOOC = Straight Out Of Camera