CSA Hanging Baskets

Thought of the Day… “The garden is the poor man’s apothecary.” -German Proverb

Last week in my Summer is just around the corner post I mentioned buying into a CSA (community supported agriculture) program.

As part of the program this year they have a Greenhouse Share add-on. What this means is that we could potted plants that they have nurtured in the greenhouse. Our choices were Tumbler Tomato, Spacemaster Cucumber, Herb Collection and Premium Flower baskets.

I decided since I have my own perennial herb garden and in-house basil starts (remember I talked about them in my Basil Almond Pesto post) that I didn’t need to buy their herb collection.

Well… I received my baskets… the flowers are sooooo pretty!


We have year-round Anna’s hummingbirds, they’re loving it already.


This is the Tumbler Tomato basket… as you can see it’s already flowering…


… and this is the Spacemaster Cucumber


The pots for the tomato and cucumber are different sizes. Here they are side-by-side so you can see the difference…


Last year was the first year I’d had a garden. I chose to do container garden. I planted 10 tomato plants and two cucumbers. I planted seven Sun Gold and three Sweet 100s.

The Sun Gold are orange and ooooohhhhh soooo good! They were sweeter than the Sweet 100s. I plan on planting Sun Gold and Sweet 100s again this year. As well as roma and a larger tomato and also baby bell peppers.

Last year the cucumbers didn’t do too well. I am going to plant another plant in the container in addition to this Spacemaster.

As I get things planted, I will continue to share.