Round One

Thought of the Day… “Officials are the only guys who can rob you and then get a police escort out of the stadium.” -Ron Bolton

Well, after being rescheduled four times (I think), The Offspring’s team finally got to play in the playoff Round One game. It was 7:30pm on Sunday. Was originally supposed to be 4pm on Friday – rescheduled for 4pm Saturday – then rescheduled for 4pm Sunday and then finally 7:30pm – the other team refused to play on our field.

Also, it was getting dark, COLD AND RAINY… The fields were 100% AstroTurf. I’d never seen an AstroTurf softball field. Note this… rain and AstroTurf do NOT go well… super slippery… infield balls are very hard to handle.

Back to the game… it was 0-0 through the regulation game (7 innings)…

Want to know the super cool thing thing about the night? We were in the top of the 8th The Offspring was up first – she hit a soooo SWEET hit right down the first base line out to the corner! WOW! She got a double and eventually her “hit” turned into our one and only point.

(I won’t get started on how they cheated us out another point – Ump made a bad call — he called a girl out with 2 strikes – IDIOT! Today’s Thought of the Day is a reminder that I’m lucky I didn’t get kicked out!)



Oh yeah… SillyOne looks pretty reserved in the above photo… right? Well… the girls put her in her place… take a look at how they did it…


I’m missing a photo here… they were pushing her down to this position…


They really do get along so well… 🙂

Next stop… Round Two on Tuesday…