Round Three and Friends

Thought of the Day… A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be. ~Douglas Pagels

Well… the round three game was tonight. Before the game we had a special treat… SillyOne’s brother sang the National Anthem… it brought tears to my eyes… I love hearing our National Anthem…


Unfortunately, the game didn’t go as desired… we lost. The opponents had some amazing hitters. Hubby said that three or four of their players already had NCAA Division 1 scholarships… eight of the nine players on the field were seniors. One girl’s dad is a professional baseball team’s pitching coach! She could HIT the ball! WOW! Our team is young… half of our team are freshman and sophomores… our girls played with HEART! They made me so proud!

You want to know the best thing about tonight… the crowd that our girls had cheering them on… the most I have ever seen at a game (this year and past). In that crowd were five special people… The Offspring’s good friends…

Four of them from school this year…


… and one she hadn’t seen in a year… a former teammate (from last year) who graduated and moved out of state… It was so great to see her!!!


Then there is SillyOne… she knew it was the last time (for this year) that she would be featured in one of my posts… See her behind The Offspring in the above picture…

…she came out of nowhere… not really, I knew she was back there but didn’t expect this… (I should have known better!)


SillyOne, you’re nuts!

The absolute best thing about tonight… The Offspring said, “You know… today was a really good day.”

So, what’s next? More softball! That’s right…

…The Offspring’s travel softball team was playing in their first tournament of the season… they won both games! We join them in our state capital tomorrow and Monday. There’s no rest for the weary….