Round Two

Thought of the Day… “The key is not the “will to win” – everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.” -Bobby Knight

The Offspring’s team played in their State Playoffs Round Two game last night… it was an an exciting evening! Now, keep in mind that I’m a VERY proud mom… so bear with me on some of this… I’m giddy with excitement… (I also took over 130 photos… weeding through them took a long time and I couldn’t resist these… it’s worth the read and look.)

This is the first year in three years our school has made it to the playoffs. As you recall, the Round One game had several rain cancelations and delays. We won that game 1-0! (The Offspring’s got a double and eventually her “hit” turned into our one and only point.)

Well, Round Two game was last night after being delayed a day [again] due to rain on Tuesday. We had to drive of a different school’s field on the other side of town because the home team’s field was a mess from the rain. We played on AstroTurf- type field again last night.

It was a tight 0-0 game for three innings …

….then in the top of the fourth… the first two batters got on base and then…The Offspring came up to bat third…


… and she reached second to allow our lead runner to score!


The half inning ended and as the girls came in, being a proud mom grabbed my camera…


Needless-to-say, The Offspring wanted me to stop taking her picture. 🙂Mom%2Cstoptakingmyphoto-5-2010-05-27-07-05.jpgMom%2Cstoptakingmyphoto-6-2010-05-27-07-05.jpg

The fourth inning ended with the score 1-0 us.

In the top of fifth, the same two batters got on base as in the fourth inning. The Offspring was up again… ohhhhh my nerves were … on edge…


WOW! Hard hit single to allow our lead runner to score again! YIPPEEEE!! (by the way… I HATE sitting at an angle to the field with my DSLR)


Again… the proud Mami I am couldn’t resist taking her photo [again] (Mami is relatively new… oh I remember when I used to be Mommy… ohhhhh that was soooo long ago….)

Anyway… sorry I digress… The Offspring should know that hiding behind something doesn’t stop me from taking her picture!


Ahhh… she remembered…


What a happy girl!


I wasn’t the only proud mom… SillyOne’s mom (left) and another mom were “cheering” making this deep sound with their claps…


Girls in the dugout were really happy, too!


Then… it happened… the last out … everyone was excited! We’re now headed for the Quarter Finals… someone at the school told me that this is only the SECOND time in school history for the softball team to make it to the Quarter Finals!!!!

By the way… the last out was caught by none other than… SillyOne! (again… dang fence!)


After the end-of-game congratulatory “High Fives” instead of getting ready for their team picture… there was this… (bare with the multiple photos… you’ll see why)


Hey you guys… stop! You’re getting too close!


I think SillyOne planned this stampeed… (they nearly knocked me over!)


Finally got them all together in a more civilized manner…


Final score… 2-0… yep… that’s right… The Offspring earned two RBI for those two points! 🙂


Then… proud Daddy agreed to get his picture… little did he know it was headed for my blog! (he hates his photo taken!)


Next stop… Quarter Finals at our home field Friday!