I couldn’t resist

Thought of the Day… I love cooking for myself and cooking for my family. ~Al Roker

As you know from my Something I’ve wanted for a long time post I bought a 7.25 qt pot at the beginning of May.

Anyway… my friend Rafael has been raving about the Le Creuset pots for some time and how things taste better made in them. I’m not sure if it “tastes” better, but I love the way things cook in it.

So yes, Rafael, you were right [sort of]… There, I said it. (I don’t plan on saying it again – it’s too painful! LOL!!! :P)

…I wanted a smaller pot because my red 7.25 qt is pretty big and my 2 qt is too small for pasta sauce. So I went to the store to get this 5.5 qt… Best part is I got it for 35% off with a coupon.


I decided to mix up the colors… to keep it festive… isn’t it pretty?

Well, while there I got a coupon announcing that they were getting the Caribbean color on June 1 and they were going to be 20% off.

I have also wanted a cast-iron skillet… So, I took my lunch break and went and bought this…


Isn’t it pretty, too?

Now I need to stop working until 3-4AM so I have the energy to cook!