Garden Update, Part 2

Thought of the Day… Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables. They probably get jet-lagged, just like people. ~Elizabeth Berry

OK so that isn’t the greatest Thought of the Day, but given I planted a bunch of tomato plants today I won’t need tomatoes shipped to me in late July or August.

Last year I had my garden in containers on the patio. You can read about that in my First Garden post.


This year, I decided to move it out into the yard. I needed to make it so Hubby could easily get around it with the lawn mower. So instead of just putting the containers on the grass, I put down weed blocking sheeting.

I bought the plants a few weeks ago, but it has been raining so much I couldn’t get out to plant them in the containers. The whole process took several hours and I didn’t take any pictures during the work, but will show you what I had at the end of today’s work.

I created a panorama so you could see it all together…


This photo explains what each plant is (or will be for those that aren’t in the ground yet.


I took measurements and will post weekly progress. I sure hope Mother Nature starts cooperating and gives us some SUN… they need it.

This is one of the Sun Gold tomatoes (they’re orange cherry size and sooo tasty).


This year I decided to plant a couple of larger sized tomatoes instead of just cherry size.

This one is a Brandywine Heirloom… (duh… the tag is there… sorry)


… and this is a Bush Early Girl… (again, the tag is there)


I’m eager to see if moving them out into the yard makes a difference in growth. I will post weekly updates (or whenever something exciting happens).