Baby Steps, Day 2

Thought of the Day…Housework is something you do that nobody notices until you don’t do it. ~Author Unknown

Well yesterday was my BabySteps Day 2. Day 2 is Get Dressed to lace up shoes. I had to get up get dressed and ready to go… hair and makeup, too. I don’t always wear makeup. Sometimes when I’m super tired or working from home or just vegging out I don’t wear it. I had planned on going to the office to work so I put makeup on and got ready for work. Then I made The Offspring’s Exam Day Breakfast for her last finals day at school.

The sink remained still shiny. When I got home from taking The Offspring to softball practice I saw an onion slice in the Shiny Sink. Last night, I left a note saying “Why is there an onion in the Shiny Sink?” When I got up this morning it was gone… 🙂

Today is Day 3. Come back tomorrow morning to see my success. (How’s that for optimism?)

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