Baby Steps, Day 3

Thought of the Day…Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos. ~Don Kardong

Friday was my BabySteps Day 3. I was supposed to do things I had already done (getting up and dressed and keep sink shining) and also start exploring Big Tent. I was able to do the “things I had already done” part. 🙂 I couldn’t explore Big Tent because there is a problem with my account. I hope to get that resolved soon.

Remember on Day 1 when I talked about being freakish? I thought I would share more about how freakish I can be… I “have to” keep the empty hangers in the laundry room are sorted by size, color and function (ones with clips for skirts and things and ones without clips). Yeah, I’m nuts!

My BabySteps days were thrown off over the weekend. The Offspring had a softball tournament and I couldn’t move on to next steps, but I DID repeat what I had already done (dressed and shiny sink). 🙂

I hope I have more to share next time.

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