Baby Steps, Day 3 continued

Thought of the Day…Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. ~Albert Einstein

HALLELUJAH! I FINALLY figured out how to get my FlyLady BigTent password reset!!! It was NOT easy!

If you recall from my Baby Steps Day 3 post, I couldn’t login to FlyLady’s site. Well, I am a very technical person (I work in my company’s information technology [IT] department). So, I normally can figure things out. It has taken me DAYS to figure this out! There was NO link on the site to reset my password.

So, for all those out there who need to reset your FlyLady password… go here. Maybe it was clear to others or I’m really tired (I’m still sitting at work — been here 11 hours — needed a break)… but I couldn’t find a link so I thought Why not go to the hosting site’s web site to do the reset.

Now… I can take some time tomorrow to finish my Day 3 (boy Day 3 is sure taking me a long time to get through it!)

Since my last post was about The Offspring’s wounded knee and the picture of said knee was so painful to look at…

…here’s a window sticker I saw when I was last at the library… Can you read it?


…it reads “Starfleet Academy – San Francisco MMCLXI” … Needless-to-say, as a Star Trek fan… I loved it….I bet Hubby won’t want one on my car… 🙁