Ball Magnet

Thought of the Day… I talked to the ball a lot of times in my career. I yelled, “Go foul. Go foul.” ~Lefty Gomez

I don’t like some foul ball; like ones from games I’m not watching.

With the end of school softball begins travel softball. The Offspring’s travel ball team participated in their first tournament last weekend.

I’m known as a ball magnet. Meaning that I will likely get hit with a foul ball or badly thrown ball at least once a season, if not more. Two years ago I moved where I was sitting after getting hit; only to get hit a second time during the same game!

Well… first day we attended of the first tournament it was raining. I had my large umbrella over me and leaning back so foul balls from the field behind us wouldn’t hit me as I’m sitting in my chair…

Then out of no where… WHACK! A foul ball from another game managed to fly just under my umbrella to hit me right on the side of my hip!!


It HURT! You know… one of those DEEP bruises… not a lot of color at the top of the skin… It eventually started to color… it still hurts four days afterwards!

I won’t share pictures… you get the idea…