Battle with her Wounded Knee

Thought of the Day…If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. ~Mary Engelbreit

As a mom one of the most difficult things seeing your child hurt. A week ago, The Offspring was hurt during a softball game. She slid into home plate and collided with the catcher’s shin guards. OW! She kept playing and went to practice all last week. It didn’t seem to be getting better. She wanted to get through her last week of school before going to the doctor (she was afraid she’d end up on crutches).

When she went to practice on Thursday, I talked with the coach and explained that I didn’t want her doing any sliding or catching. He said, “OK.” She had signed up for a college recruiting camp for Friday, but couldn’t attend.

Saturday started a long softball weekend – eight games… five of which were on Sunday! Sunday was over 13 hours of softball! UGH! The Offspring was DP (designated player — aka DH in baseball) and she also had played some in the outfield.

I cringed every time she took the field….

The last game of the tournament was awful… she was catcher (the coach asked her if she could catch and she said yes… he told her, “I don’t want to get into trouble with Mom.” She caught anyway. She had to drop down on her knees quite a bit and then the icing on the cake – she got hit by a pitch in her sore knee! I just wanted to cry…

At the end of the day… she hurt so much!

Here’s what her knee looked like the next morning… UGH! She normally has a knee — not a trunk looking leg… it’s really swollen!


I called the doctor and took her in… It was a “good news”/“bad news” thing…

…It’s not fractured, but…

…no softball for a week… which stinks because her team is in a National Qualifier this next weekend (starting on Friday) then off to a college exposure tournament in Denver, CO for a week. 🙁

UGH! My heart is hurting so I’m done for now…