Softball in the Sun

Thought of the Day…I never questioned the integrity of an umpire. Their eyesight, yes. ~Leo Durocher

Today’s forecast was spot on! SUN!!! It started out cloudy and cool (low 50s) and ended up blue skies and 82! It was a GREAT day for softball. It’s too bad that the umpire in our first game didn’t have better eyesight. His strike zone was totally inconsistent! UGH!

Between games The Offspring and her friend and teammate were watching another team play… Looks like we have another girl who likes to make faces…


… and Hubby was wiped from a long work shift… so he tried to get a nap…


Now for a few (OK, not a few… several) action shots… The Offspring was playing in left field today. I like it when she plays there – I can get better action shots…


Sure hope tomorrow is a nice as today!