Kitchen equipment vices

Thought of the Day…My name is Stef and I’m a Le Creuset addict and I need your help…

…OK, I’m not an addict, but I sure LOVE IT!

…actually, I’m done purchasing for a while… That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! (I sound like Ree from, don’t I?)

If you recall from my Something I’ve wanted for a long time… I bought a red 2 quart multi-function set and 7.25 quart round French oven. Then in I couldn’t resist, I bought a yellow 5.25 quart round French oven and Caribbean 11.75 inch skillet. I still wanted either a 3.5 quart or 4.5 quart, but couldn’t decide.

I talked with Stacy, my sister-in-law, and we decided that a 3.5 quart was the right size. I just needed another sale. 🙂

When I was offline a couple of weeks ago, we were in Colorado and Utah for a softball tournament and mini-vacation (more on that later). We stopped at an outlet mall in Silverthorne, CO and they had a Le Creuset Outlet! YIPPEEE for me!!!

To my surprise, they had TWO SIZES of multi-function sets! (Our local Outlet only had one size.) They had the 2 quart and a 3.75 quart! I literally stopped in my tracks and stared at it. It was the solution. As I said, Stacy and I had decided that the 3.5 quart was perfect… but we were wrong! 3.75 quart is perfect!

When I had walked in the door, they told me that everything in the store was 25% off if purchases were over $100. I told them I knew about the sale and that I had a coupon at home for 35%. They looked me up in the computer and said they could honor my coupon and I could get free shipping! To top it all off, because it was being shipped to Oregon I didn’t have to pay sales tax (we don’t have sales tax in Oregon)!!

Can I hear a “YEA TEAM!” ???

I had really liked the blue, but they didn’t have the 3.75 quart multi-function in blue; only red and orange. As you can see, I went with the orange since my other one is red.


…Well… Nancy from our local Outlet had talked with me about the buffet casserole…

I couldn’t stop myself… Isn’t this a pretty blue 3.5 quart buffet casserole???


Wanna know something cool? My Caribbean skillet didn’t come with a lid. This store didn’t have one (they’re hard to keep in stock), but the saleswoman told me that the lid for this casserole fits my skillet.

The colors don’t “match”, but who cares? The do complement one another though…


The two newest pieces fit together…


My most recent purchases complete my collection…

…for now…

…for a while…

…OK, at least until the pretty purple colored one shows up at the Le Creuset Outlet!!

…If I were an addict, I’d have every piece. I don’t… so I am not an “addict”… right?

Do you have any cooking equipment vices?