Nervous Wreck, Part 4

Thought of the Day…Nerves and butterflies are fine – they’re a physical sign that you’re mentally ready and eager. You have to get the butterflies to fly in formation, that’s the trick. ~Steve Bull

…Continued from Nervous Wreck, Part 3

As I mentioned in Part 3, it was SO intense! As I sit here a few weeks later writing about it my tummy is turning in knots again!! Go figure! If you recall The Offspring was playing in a softball tournament and was now going to face the team she played on for the previous six years….

There was a short 15-minute break… just enough time for our anxiety to increase. I kept praying, “God, there has to be a reason that you’re allowing this to happen… I don’t know what it is, but I believe there is a reason…”

As I walked around the complex trying to relax, I saw this sign…

…I love how there’s a warning about bunnies. Now does that cute little thing look nearly as menacing as the coyote in the first photo? LOL! 😉

Game time… this will sound kind of crazy, but I texted a friend during the game and the following is from those texts…

Oh my gosh! We’re visitor and top of 1, bases loaded 1 out. The Offspring is up.

WOW! Great sacrifice bunt, Offspring, for an RBI. We scored!

…Oh my this is nerve wracking!

…End of first inning, 2-0 US! YIPPEE!

Top of second… SCORE! Now 3-0 US!

Mid of second… score remains 3-0 us.

…The have a runner on base who advanced on errors…

…UGH! They scored on an error. OH NO! The runner took out The Offspring who was catching. Oh!!!!!! Is she hurt?!?!? NO… she’s MAD!

The Offspring is on the ground! She’s up and getting the ball!!

My stomach is turning… I chewing off my nails… SERIOUSLY…

Oh NO… another runner is coming in…. UGH!!!

The Offspring gets her OUT!

WHAT?!?! Their coach (The Offspring’s former coach, remember? From the previous six years) challenges the Ryan’s play at home. ARGH!!!

…We wait for the umpires to discuss the play…

…and we wait… and my tummy is churning even more….

…and we wait…

…and the call stands! She’s OUT!

End of second inning, 3-1 us! WHEW!

Middle of the third inning… remains 3-1…

…End of the third inning… still 3-1…

…Bottom of the fourth…they get a runner on base due to an error at first… UGH! Watch out… this next girl can bunt really well…

…YEP! She lays down a great bunt to move the runner… the runner advances and …. SCORES! Now it’s 3-2… They still have a runner on base…

…OH NO! She’s heading into home and The Offspring was ready for her. She’s OUT!! The runner tries to wiggle and waggle and fumble and crawl back to home and calls to her dad (the coach) “Daddy, obstruction! Daddy, it’s obstruction!”

The Offspring yells back, “It’s not obstruction when I have the ball!”

…The umps agreed… she’s OUT! End of the fourth… 3-2.

My stomach is seriously in knots and worse of all… I need to go to the little girl’s room… but there is NO WAY I am leaving the game!

…but I am leaving you hanging [again] 😉 …To be continued… [again] 😀