Missing you already, Erin!

Thought of the Day…When a new friend moves away before you really have a chance to get to know her… it’s sad. ~Me

We have two receptionists at work… Melissa and Erin. They are both super nice. Erin knows how to crack me up! She’s so fun!

As you recall, I worked some really long days not too long ago (remember 18-20 hour days for four weeks). Well, since I was working such long days, I was at home… I didn’t get to see Melissa and Erin much because… well… I was at home…

A week ago human resources made an announcement that there was a new receptionist position open. I grabbed my phone and called the front desk. Erin answered.

Me: You’re not leaving are you? You just got here! (both Melissa and Erin were hired in January)

Erin: Wow, word gets around fast.

Me: Well.. yeah… HR just sent the announcement. I replied.

Erin: Yeah, Bobbie got a job in Santa Barbara…

Me: California! NO! You can’t go to California! It’s too far! I’m only just getting to know you! 🙁 I was so sad.

Well… the week went WAY TO FAST! 🙁

Yesterday was Erin’s last day… I threatened to chain her to the front desk. I told her boss and a lady in HR I was going to do it. I got an email this morning from the lady in HR telling me that it didn’t work… Erin wasn’t chained to the front desk. I laughed…

…Then I got sad again… Erin’s no longer working there….

…At least I have this! (forgive the quality and the other extra items… I was playing with an iPhone app)

I crack up when I see it… we were laughing so hard trying to do a self-portrait… had to have someone else take it…

…at least we still have email… my blog… Facebook (except I’m not on Facebook much)… and she has my cell number…Hey wait… I forgot to get her cell number!:(

COME BACK, Erin!!!