Nervous Wreck, Part 3

Thought of the Day…Karma baby, Karma. -Author Unknown

…Continued from Nervous Wreck, Part 2

The first game was a nail-biter! If we won, we continued on in the winner’s bracket. If we lost, it would be our first loss so we’d head to the second and third chance bracket. …

When The Offspring got on base, my nerves went into overdrive… Here you see her taking a lead-off and she’s in motion waiting to see if it’s safe to run…


… she ended up going back to first base….

Unfortunately, the game ended in a loss, but we weren’t out… we still had a second chance…

…downside… we were now going to face The Offspring’s team from last year (yep, the team she’d been on for six years… they knew her and she knows them

ohhhhhhh….. the anxiety…… UGH!

… To be continued… (sorry, blame Nicole over at That’s Life and PioneerWoman… they like to tease us, too!)

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