Garden Update, Parts 3-6

Thought of the Day…“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” —Orson Wells

I’ve been really behind in my garden blogging… sorry! WOW… I just looked and I never posted parts 3 or 4… Oooops!

I’ll do a brief recap.

​You can see in the few weeks between June 25-July 13 there was quite a bit of growth…

Even more growth between July 13 and August 3

I had a few tomatoes on August 3… These are the Sun Gold

But this morning, I had quite a few tomatoes… this one is the Tumbler Tomato (duh… you can read). It is the one I bought as part of the CSA and talked about in Garden Update, Part 1.

…the Sun Gold are orange and sooooo sweet and tasty…

The Sweet 100s are small red cherry tomatoes and are starting to ripen…

The Early Girls still haven’t ripened

…the Heirloom Brandywine doesn’t even have any fruit yet…

The Volunteer plant has flowers on it, but still don’t know if it is a Sun Gold or Sweet 100…

My cucumber plant isn’t doing too well… some don’t make it … there a some “newborns” (good thing they’re not vampires – if you’re not a Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse fan sorry, you won’t understand) – or maybe they are and that’s why some didn’t make it… 😀

Oh… there’s my injured thumb (from Trip to ER)… it’s healing nicely… 🙂

I just ate my lunch while I wrote this post… guess what I had… YEP, you guessed it… my home grown tomatoes… YUMMMMMMMMM…