Mingle Monday

Thought of the Day…Don’t be a wall-flower… get out there and mingle! ~Unknown


What in the world does that photo have to do with “mingling”? you ask… this was on our July 4th hike… it was REALLY HOT and people were stopping wherever we could find shade and chat with one another… this was mingling in the desert!

For the last couple of week’s I have been attending Life of Meg’s Mingle Mondays. It’s a chance to find new blogs and learn/see new things.

This week I started with Meg’s blog… Her cupcake photo made me really hungry!

…Then moved on to Creative Flair. There I found a divine looking Rice Krispie treat. Can I hear … YUMMMMM?!? I kept looking around which led me to Jen’s Ink Pen‘s post on Goldilocks and Blogging Etiquette. It was a cute read. She also has several creative art objects to share; including an Esty shop.

…I stopped by The apple doesn’t fall far… and she had some really cute photos and ideas for a baby shower. I LOVED the idea of a onsie and bib making station at the shower! 💡

…Next stop Northwest Betty… I love her dog Dudley! I’d love to know if the Cowboy’s birthday candles melted when they were put on the grill with the corn and steaks.

…Ended my reading with Making the Most of Megan. She talked about her recent trip to a North Carolina vineyard and asked about our favorites wines. Sounds like she had a good time, except for the chiggers. I’m so glad we don’t have them in Oregon! 🙂

Do you mingle on blogs? If so… why not share via the comments section some of the blogs you visit and why you like them – or don’t… We can all learn from your experiences. 🙂