Lady Blogger Society Tea Party

YIKES! I’m behind in posting this… sorry!!

Last Saturday (29-Aug) I participated in the Lady Blogger Society Tea Party. If you don’t know what that is it’s a blog mingle… a chance for bloggers to post links to their blogs on another blog in a hope to find new blogs, network and “meet” new people.

Lady Blogger Society

I found some widely different blogs, but enjoyed reading them. I clicked on several that had blaring music (which I promptly closed – I HATE being greeted by blaring music… especially since I’m usually listening to my own music when I’m reading blogs)

The first one I found with no blaring music was Dawn’s Goodies…. I fell in love at first sight! Dawn’s posts are about the cakes she makes. I have always wanted to learn how to really decorate cakes. She’s inspired me! I hope to try it soon!

I also stopped by A Little Bite of Life. Jules posts about a wide range of things including being a mom, recipes, travel and family.

Later, I found Day in life of a Pakistani Girl… I found it interesting to learn about another culture. The vibrant colors in her photos was great.

Take a look at these blogs and come back and share what you liked about them. 🙂

Happy Reading!