Baby Steps, Day 9, Part 1

Thought of the Day…Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. ~Albert Einstein


Yep, I’m behind… no… I’m in slow motion… my Baby Step* days seem to take forever… no worries… The FlyLady says, “You are not behind! I don’t want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?” (*If you don’t know about my Baby Step process? You can get caught up by reading about my Baby Steps. )

Yep, I’m not behind… get those negative voices out of your head, Stef! 🙂

The FlyLady says it takes 28 days to develop a new habit. OK… I’m still plugging along, slowly, but at least I’m moving in the right direction! It’s not as bad as I make is sound. Good thing is that I have a few days off – The Offspring’s birthday is coming up – and I am going to work on my “decluttering” … it’s my birthday gift to myself… after all, I did give birth to her so… it’s my BIRTHday, too!!! 😀

Here’s the plan for today (yep, I’m getting a late start – didn’t get home from work last night until 10:48PM!

The FlyLady says that Baby Steps, Day 9 is “Declutter a few minutes at a time”.

Today I am supposed to learn how to declutter a few minutes at a time. Also, I’m adding a 5 minute room rescue to my Morning (Before Work) Routine. I don’t know how well that is going to work on a “work” day, but I’ll will do my best… I guess it’s only 5 minutes!!!

Morning (Before Work) Routine – NO work today, so just what I did after I got up

  1. Get up and dressed – YEP
  2. Look at sticky notes in the kitchen and bathroom – YEP
  3. Put out ONE Hot Spot for 2 minutes – YEP
  4. 5 minute Room Rescue – YEP

During the Day Routine

  1. Recognizing the negative voices and change them to positive. That is what FLYing (Finally Loving Yourself) is all about. – YEP
  2. Read Big Tent or FlyLady.Net email messages
  3. Keep your sink shining
  4. Walk a minimum of 7,500 steps but goal is 10,000 steps

Before Bed Routine

  1. Keep your sink shining
  2. Put out ONE Hot Spot for 2 minutes (The FlyLady recommends doing this twice a day)
  3. Set out clothes for tomorrow
  4. Go to bed a decent hour

What are your steps to keep your life decluttered?

14 comments to Baby Steps, Day 9, Part 1

  • Kim Eriksen

    Hi Stef, After reading your steps, I went to the flylady site to see if there were any helpful steps for me, there are plenty. My morning has been the same forever.
    1. Get up, shower, get dressed
    2. Grab all the clothes, kids leave them in front of their doors in the morning, and start a load of wash.
    3. Make my bed, do a quick glance to see if anything is needing attention, off to work.
    Now that school is starting again, dropping Sarah off at school on my way to work will be added. The ideas from the fly lady about dinner menus is interesting, I’m going to try and add that to my list. A weekly menu for dinner, instead of figuring it out every day might be interesting.

    • Stef

      Hi Kim,
      I am so looking forward to being a master at these steps… you are so inspirational… I love our chats. 😀 When I have done the weekly meal planning it works great. I want to get back to doing it, but also want to involve Hubby and The Offspring in it so it is a family process. 😀 I’ll keep you posted!

      I also like your idea of the laundry, I wondered how you did it. Who does the drying and put-away? How much time do you give yourself before leaving for work?

      Thanks so much for your support!

  • Kim Eriksen

    Hi Stef, When I get home from work I put the load into the dryer and start another if necessary. I put the clean clothes in a large red bin in the laundry room and two or three nights a week depending on the stack, I fold while watching TV. The kids grab their stacks a put them away. Sheets are done on sundays.

    I generally have 30 minutes before work that I am ready to get things done, like the laundry, bed, etc. Since we got our new puppy, it’s alittle harder, she takes up some of my morning time.

  • Kim Eriksen

    No, I give myself 30 minutes after I’m ready, I get up at 6:00 and leave around 7:15-7:30 depending if I’m going to Gemini or Amberglen 🙂

  • Kim Eriksen

    No superwoman here….did you see the last chance for pampered chef from Liz? I ordered a couple things 😉

    • Stef

      Yes, I saw it… I have already listed $90ish 🙁 My “new” inner self is saying… don’t bring more stuff in… but I have been wanting two stone loaf “pans” and an apple corer… debating on the Cake Pedestal… it’s not covered so I may skip it because I don’t “need” one. I have a Tupperware one with a lid/pedestal as well as a large Tupperware one. I also want another cookbook (I don’t “need” another cookbook… I keep saying that).

      What do you think about the Cake Pedestal?

      • Stef

        P.S. You are amazing… even your husband thinks so. He told me that’s why he married you! (AWWW… I smiled when he told me!)

  • Kim Eriksen

    I like the cake pedestal, it’s white which is great, it doesn’t take away from the cake or whatever. I agree that it is hard to stop with that catalog. I’m a gadget junkie. 🙂 I sent you a picture of Lily, my puppy. Thanks for the nice words.

    • Stef

      I’m a gadget junkie! Have been for YEARS! I can’t wait to see the pic of Lily. 🙂 (I am planning on being at Gemini next week!) 😀

  • mjbw

    WOW!!! I need to soak in your Einstein quote during this season of life!

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