Surprise, Offspring!

Yesterday was a GREAT day in our family. It was The Offspring’s birthday.

My sister-in-law bought her a sash which read “Princess for a Day”.

Hubby wanted to surprise The Offspring for her birthday… I’ll let you be the judge if he succeeded… (NOTE: this is a photo intense post. Thanks to our neighbor Keith for taking these photos… I was busy with the video camera.)


Daddy is sure beaming! Don’t you think?

Oh, yeah… here is what she saw sitting in our driveway… Check out the balloons. My sister-in-law had to drive down the hill super slow so they didn’t fly away.

Here is The Offspring and her BIG SURPRISE!

Thanks so much, Mom and Dad!

W-O-W, I can’t wait to get my license!!!

So, do you think she was surprised? Do you think he went overboard with the balloons?

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!!

4 comments to Surprise, Offspring!

  • What a great reaction! Definitely didn’t go overboard with the balloons, they are the perfect touch!

    • Stef

      Hubby bought the “16” and then 16 other balloons. We’d planned on a big giant bow, but they are $50.00 (yes, fifty)! UGH! I thought the balloons wer the perfect touch, too! 🙂

  • Heck I could have made you a bow for less than $50 (sorry read your above comment) Yeah I think you got her! That’s great!

    • Stef

      She was soooo blown away. Hubby has taken her to empty parking lots for a few years to teach her how to drive a stick. I took her out on the streets last Saturday. She did a GREAT job. The clutch in this car is different than our old car. Even I kill it sometimes. She’s getting the hang of it! 😀

      I wish you lived closer… a bow maker would be really cool!

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