John T Woods update

Thought of the Day…Is it REALLY October 1??? Man, where’d the time go? ~Me

Yeah, I know… this isn’t really a Behind the Camera post… it’s more of a In Front of the Camera post… (I think I said that the last time I posted a John T. Woods post.)

Remember my friend whose son is the actor? If not, take a look at my John T. Woods post. Love his smile!!

I got an email from him and his NCIS episode will be episode 6 and is set to air on Tuesday, Oct 12 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS. That’s less that two weeks!

I sure hope he doesn’t die or is the bad guy. 😀

He “dies well”. He was the victim when he was on The Forgotten and died when he was on 24. He was a “bad cop” when he was on Dark Blue. Come to think of it, he was a thief on iCarly.

In the meantime, his Boss of Me comedy web series is still going strong. John plays Bret Donovan who is sent from “corporate” to be the New Creative Director at the independent production company called Sabi Pictures. Sabi is a real production company and the people in the series are John’s friends. It’s a crack up!!

Don’t forget to set your Tivo (or other DVR) for NCIS!!

Did you set it?