Ooops, I did it again

Thought of the Day…I seriously need help! ~Me

Help me, Rhonda! Help me, Rhonda! Help me, Rhonda! OK, now that the song is stuck in your head… (I couldn’t help it… it was stuck in my head…) on with my story. 😉

If you recall from my Kitchen equipment vices post, I’m addicted to Le Creuset pots; only having purchased my first on on May 1st it is kind of frightening! (I guess it’s better than being addicted to the other kind of “pot”! 😉 )

When I was in Colorado back in July and I bought the pieces discussed in the aforementioned post, I also bought a cookbook (another vice… but that’s for another day…).

This cookbook is divided into sections based on the piece of Le Creuset. Cool, eh? I thought so, until I looked in the index. They had THREE multi-function pots listed – 1 Qt, 2 Qt and 3Qt. I only had two (2 Qt and 3 Qt). Oh no!

I became a woman on a mission!

Thanks to eBay… I found a 1 Qt!!! The seller got her 16 years ago and it had since been discontinued. I talked with Hubby and he agreed that the smallest one might come in handy so I bid on it…

I WON! YIPEEEEE!! Well… can you blame me??? At least I made it over two whole months before I bought another piece! Can I get an “Atta girl!”? Oh… come on! 😀

As you can see from this photo, it’s smaller.

Needless-to-say, the color is interesting… kind of a breast milk poo yellow! Sorry… it’s true!! Right??? For those who haven’t ever had to change a baby’s diaper with breast milk colored poo… well… this is about the color!! 😀

Now I have a 1 Qt French/Dutch Oven…

The inside is colored the same as the other two. The saucepan is 3″ deep and 7″ across the top with the bottom at 5″.

The skillet is just under 7″ and is about 1.5″ deep.

So here is my collection of multi-function sets…

Now here it is compared to the current yellow… BIG difference!

Like I have said, I need help! Don’t you think? At least I’m not a drug addict!!! 😀