Did you watch it?

Thought of the Day…Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. ~John Quincy Adams

This post contains spoilers for NCIS Tue, October 12th

(please forgive the photos below… quickly taken with iPhone and then reduced in size/quality for web post and it’s a picture of low quality Tivo’d TV show)

The Offspring and I are rather happy after watching NCIS last night. Did you watch it? Did you see John? We were excited when we saw him drive up in the Mustang.

Looks like the Tony is sucking his thumb and John is coming to stop him. :D


I said to The Offspring, “He should tell the widow to shut up so he could have more lines!”

Here’s the spoiler…. We’re really happy that he did NOT die and he was NOT the bad guy!!!!! YIPEEEEEE!! :D

Although he wasn’t given as much screen time as we had hoped, it was much more than when he was on 24!!! The Offspring and I are hoping NCIS LA or Criminal Minds will pick him up as a regular [good guy].

GREAT seeing you on the highest ranked non-reality TV show!!!!! CONGRATS!!! Let Matthew know we said to get you on Criminal Minds as a regular GOOD GUY! ;) We’re confident that your patience and hard work will pay off! Be sure to let me know when you’re on again or if you have another web series!


4 comments to Did you watch it?

  • Stacy

    Did I watch IT? No. Did I watch what I thought was IT? Yes. Did I even think I saw him in the episode I watched? Yes. Was it him? No. Am I a complete loser? Yes, but I’m okay with that. :)

  • The Offspring

    Aunt Stacy I love you…you crack me up. Btw you’re not a loser :)

    Yes I did watch it! Well the part with him in it. He was pretty legit in the uniform. What I am dying to know is what were the actors that play Ziva and Tony really like?

    Mom- I love the play by play shots of the tv. I think website has officially become John’s number one fansite.

  • I didn’t :(… but thanks for the snap shots! I couldn’t record it b/c the recorder thing is now at our house and we were at my parents.

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