New Kitchen, Part 3: Cabinets and Faucets

Thought of the Day…Don’t you just love scope creep!

Yesterday, Hubby and I made our first official purchases for your new kitchen and bath. Bath? you ask…

Yep, because we’re also having the floors stripped and refinished, we’re getting the bathroom redone as well because the hard wood floor goes in there, too.

Seems like we’re having scope creep all over the place doesn’t it?! YEP! If you’re unfamiliar with the term scope creep, it is when you have a plan for something and then more things keep getting included… scope creep… it’s becoming a common occurrence with this project! :( and :) Depends on how you look at it. ;)

We’re getting white Shaker style cabinets.

The drawers will be slightly different. Instead all plank as shown above, I think we’ve decided they will be 5-piece like this, but Hubby keeps changing his mind. :( It’s not just me that changes one’s mind! ;)

The only one that he wants as a plank is the top drawer. I’ll let you know when he decides. ;)

Oh yeah, back to our purchases (we haven’t order the cabinets yet; that’s tomorrow). We bought the faucets for both rooms. Totally exciting, eh?

Since we have chosen to do a more vintage look, we’re also getting an oil-rubbed bronze finish for the hardware.

Here is our kitchen faucet…

…and here is our bathroom faucet…

I don’t remember our kitchen at our old house being so difficult to decide on stuff! Have you ever felt that you can’t decide on something and you keep going in circles?

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  • Debbie

    We’ve been refurbishing our old farmhouse for 6 years now and to me, the hardest decision I had to make was the paint! There are WAYYYY to many choices for paint!

    I know it’s a pain right now, but in a few months you’ll sit back and be so happy you did this:)

    • Stef

      I agree… there are way too many paint choices. We’ve looked at colors, but need to look a the brand our contractor uses. We do have a paint chip from another place that his vendor may be able to match, but we’ve not made our final decision. I’m not looking forward to that decision. :(

  • I’m the worst decision maker in the world! Seriously! I like your choices on faucets! Hubby and I have looked into getting both of those :). We got an awesome sink from my aunt for one of our bathrooms and are going to eventually re-do both bathrooms :) Just may take us 10 years :)

    • Stef

      We got ours at Lowe’s, the colors at Home Depot aren’t the same which stinkeroos because our contractor gets a discount at Home Depot. For them to special special order (yep, two “specials”) they would have been twice the price! UGH! So we hope that Lowe’s will have a sale before we have to install them so we can get a better price.

      Which sink did you get?

  • mjbw

    Oil rubbed faucets…
    TRUELY lovely…
    another “creep” of scope creep?

    Congratulations on getting started into the next phase, the one beyond planning. That is such an exhilarating event that usually happens without trumpet fanfare, but non-the-less momentous.

    Our FIRST purchase for our new retirement cottage was our kitchen faucet! The one I got was not what I was looking for; but actually matched better and was on a CLEARANCE sale because the retail chain was discontinuing carrying that company. I got it at a $150 discount because it was the last one they had!

    But our FIRST decision was our bathroom faucet – even before we knew there was to be a new house! We saw our choice on vacation in OK during a tornado at a campground cabin. We chose the cabin for our large party rather than tents as we had weathered and been weathered by heavy rains and high winds in tents on previous vacations. The cabin turned out to be owned by Marriott! All of us loved the bathroom faucet; coveted it; took a pic of it; coveted it; researched faucets on-line when I got home; found it; coveted it! Now five years later, we have built a new cottage and have that same faucet all “grown-up” because we chose to put a vessel under it. Now get this… it’s the SAME one you have! You really have GREAT taste!

    Are faucets frequently the early decisions in decor decisions?
    Do I see a pattern here?
    Does the apple fall far from the tree?


    • Stef

      Interesting how we bought the same first two things. Too funny! :D No scope creep on the “oil rubbed” finish. It matches the doorknobs we have downstairs. I will have to go look at your cottage photos to see if I can see them.

      The apple didn’t fall far here… ;)

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