New Kitchen, Part 4: Cabinets and Countertop

Thought of the Day…Why am I not relaxed yet? ~Me

WOW! We’ve finally done it… we ordered our cabinets and countertops today!!!! Oh right… I haven’t shown you our countertops yet…

I knew I didn’t want a surface that was porous or that I had to perform any maintenance like resealing. I didn’t want a surface that germs could “get down into it” because it was porous. That means no granite or concrete.

At first I wasn’t interested in quartz, I’m not sure why, but hadn’t been definite about not getting it like I was about granite. I had always wanted Corian. I loved the thought of a solid surface that if I accidentally scratched I could gently sand the scratch out with fine grade sandpaper. I also loved the idea of an integrated sink – one without any seam between the counter and sink.

As you may recall from my Cast Iron or Fireclay post, we decided for our countertop we wanted Caesarstone. I didn’t tell you the color. We decided on the color Concrete. Caesarstone is a 93% natural quartz aggregates to 7% pigments and polymer resins. The really cool thing is that it has a limited lifetime warranty!! That’s what sold us on it. So we will have a countertop that gives the appearance of concrete but it is a solid surface and will not resealing! 😀

In my New Kitchen, Part 2 post, I introduced you to two of our contractors Brent and Brad. Now, I’d like to introduce you to Jason from our cabinet supplier Parr Cabinet Outlet. Jason has been so very helpful and extremely patient with me during all of our kitchen layout designing sessions and multiple email changes.

Jason, I REALLY appreciate your patience! If you need a reference with your boss, let me know. 😀

I think Jason looks like Leonardo DiCaprio? Oh yeah… he sounds JUST LIKE Leo, too! Hubby thinks he also looks like Neil Patrick Harris.

What do you think? Leo or Neil?