New Kitchen, Part 5: Powder Room Vanity and Toilet

Thought of the Day… We have bought everything but the Kitchen sink, right? ~Hubby

Greetings all! Hope you had a great weekend!! :D

We’ve purchased some bathroom fixtures for our Kitchen [and Bath] remodel

To go along with our “Shaker” look in the kitchen, we ordered the following bathroom vanity/sink. It’s a Mission style cabinet. Our Powder Room (sink and toilet) is narrow so we have to have a small vanity and sink. The cabinet is only 18-3/4” wide x 18” deep (front to back). It is 34” tall. The door pulls are included. These photos aren’t at our house, but I will provide post photos after we receive them and they’re installed.


The door is functional to provide space under the sink.

Here is the side… but given how small the room is, one won’t see this very well…

The sink and countertop are included. I’m nervous about the size of the bowl, but we have a small sink today and the dimensions they provided are close to what we have today. The countertop is black granite.

We went with a Kohler Memoirs toilet. The quiet-close seat is included.

[UPDATE] This toilet has their Class Five technology which have a gravity-fed technology that maximize the natural water force. I hope it’s quiet, but what we hope more is that it lives up to it’s “virtually plug free” claim.

Wow… we’re getting close to being finished with our purchases! Hubby’s right. We only have the crown moulding, kitchen sink and drains left and then I think we’re done with our big purchases! ;)

7 comments to New Kitchen, Part 5: Powder Room Vanity and Toilet

  • mjbw

    You would love a tilt out in front of the bowl.

    • Stef

      I like the idea, too. We’ll have one on kitchen sink. We had one at our old house and miss it. Will see if it can be done on this pience when it arrives. It comes as a single piece of furniture.

  • Evil Gypsy

    Quiet-close huh? Too bad you didn’t get the quiet-while-open-and-in-use model. Far more practical…….

  • Have to admit, I’m a little jealous of the toilet. The one in our Master Bath is so low to the ground I swear you can smell your knees while you are sitting there. Now isn’t that a sight!

  • Deb

    Where did you order the 18 x 18 vanity from? We have been searching and searching for one and can’t find one. Also, what size is the sink and who makes it, Kohler? The faucet looks like a Kohler one we saw and are considering splurging on.

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