New Kitchen, Part 11: Super Brad and Helpers

Our super project manager Brad came over on Saturday, yep… he took time out of his Saturday with his family to bring the wood for our new floors (thank you Brad!!! Sorry, Mrs. Brad!)…

This is Rick. He is one of the painters. He came to look at what would be getting painted and what needed priming. He helped bring in the wood, too. (DUH like you can’t tell that by this picture!) You’ll see and read more about Rick when I post the painting post.

Then there is this little guy… Brad brought his three-year-old. What a cutie!! Lots of curls. As you can see he has super cool alligator boots and is carrying wood as well..

He did a great job stacking the wood, too. 😉

He even had a flashlight to help his daddy pull the toilet and vanity out of the powder room… Here he’s shining the light so his daddy can see…

…and helping shine light under the sink… (wow, close call there, Brad… no plumber’s butt!) LOL!!! 😆

Thanks, Little Guy, for helping your daddy! I hope you like your new coloring book! (I had an old one that hadn’t been used, so I gave it to him to help keep him occupied while Brad did some of the heavier work)

Aren’t those alligator boots cute!?!