New Kitchen, Part 10: Moving Bookcase

OK, I got a “tongue-lashing” from Project Manager Brad for doing this…

See this bookcase? We have two of them. They are each about 7 feet (2.1m) tall and 4 feet (1.2m) wide…

… here’s why I got a “tongue-lashing”… I moved two of them both by myself. :D

I was careful and didn’t get hurt! Hubby was at work and I wanted to surprise him. ;)

I carefully “walked” it out from the wall, turned it around, laid it down and then put it on its side. Then thanks to our neighbor Paul, I had a flat dolly and was able to get it up on top of it…

Here it is as I wheeled it through the laundry room door.

…and here it is in it’s temporary location…

I know… I’m nuts! By the way… Brad has told me that I’m not allowed to move them back by myself. He said that he and Brent would help. (Did you hear that, Brent? You have to help! ;) )

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