New Kitchen, Part 13: Painting

NOTE: this is a photo-intensive post… I wanted to include most of the painting pictures together… ENJOY! :D

Here is Rick spraying on the primer on the kitchen walls…

Re-sealing up the door between the kitchen and the family room because the overspray dust was escaping to the front of the house.

After the primer was dry, Rick started spraying the Sherwin Williams Loggia first layer (second layer is rolled on)… Look at that fog! That’s paint dust! After about an hour the dust had settled…

Here’s a close-up of Rick…

This is after the first (sprayed) coat…

Rick then went around where the ceiling and walls joined and “cut” in the remaining paint by hand… These are truer colors than on my New Kitchen, Part 9: Wallpaper Removal and Paint Choices post…

While Rick worked on the kitchen and family room, Memo worked on the powder room… AH! Gotcha, Memo! (he kept hiding from me)

The Offspring picked the Sherwin Williams Willow Tree… it’s it pretty?!

They taped and sealed up rooms…

…covered the floor and doors…

Rick used Hubby’s cool Little Giant Pro ladder to reach the ceiling in the stairwell so he could tape-up the light…

Gotcha, again, Memo! He tried to avoid my camera… but never fear… I was there… :D

Then I had them seal me in the living room so I didn’t have to stop working… Rick cracked up because Memo said that I wouldn’t be able to get his picture while I was sealed in…

Then they sprayed the ceiling paint… afterwards, they rescued me by taking down the plastic and you guessed it, I was ready with my camera… Memo thought he was safe… NOPE! ;)

Plastic isn’t going to hide you… I see you, Memo! Oh, Thank you for rescuing me!! :D

Rick started right in on trimming the entry and stairwell Sherwin Williams Sticks and Stones paint around the trim, windows and doorways… It’s a darker color than the kitchen/family room’s Loggia.

Memo once again thought he was safe by going upstairs… Gotcha! ;)

Out came Hubby’s ladder again and this time Rick was painting the Sticks and Stones around the ceiling…

Well… we have a new face… meet Gary… He works really fast… great attention to detail, too…

Here Rick is removing the trim around the bathroom floor…

Well… at the end of the intensive paining days… here you can see entryway in the darker Sticks and Stones and the kitchen in the lighter Loggia

What painting stories do you have?

4 comments to New Kitchen, Part 13: Painting

  • Kate

    I am loving that you are getting these guys on camera! I know how “shy” they can be! Lol! Your color choices are gorgeous, I am all for the warm, earthy tones. Brent can tell you about some of our fun-filled painting adventures! Most recently we’ve, well, mostly I’ve been painting the living room, hallways, bathroom, and foyer at my parent’s house in Salem. Those high ceilings can be a bear!
    Glad to see the project is moving along steadily! :)

  • Kim Eriksen

    Looks great, love the colors :)

  • oooo I love the colors!

    Hmmm painting stories… yeah my husband stepped in the paint in both our MIL room and Tbugs room. both in shoes, one was his boots the other his tennis shoes. It was great ;)

  • Stef

    @Kate, high ceilings are a bear for sure. Part of why we haven’t been able to paint them in the many years we’ve lived here and why we had “scope creep”. ;)

    @Kim, thanks! They all tie together so well. Still have two more rooms (dining room and future office) to decide on colors.

    @Nicole, oh no! That’s terrible, but funny at the same time. Did he laugh? Did you?

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