New Kitchen, Part 18: Lower Cabinets Installed

YIPPEEEEEEEE! It’s getting exciting here on the home front!

I can’t believe I forgot to get my camera when they started the installation! Kevin was happy! :D

…toe-kick drawer to the left of range…

Aaron (left) and Kevin have just finished with the cabinets that replaced the old ones…

…and are now installing the new peninsula ones…

The cabinets are white. The brown end and back panels you see are where there are still pieces which still need to be installed. That will be done later… ;)

Here is the front of the peninsula… the two on the left have toe kick drawers at the bottom, as does the one on the bottom right in the above picture.

…Another angle… Hubby went and got wine bottles to see how they fit in the wine cubby and two “normal” size bottles will fit end-to-end in each cubby. So we can store 10 bottles if we want.

Trash/Recycling bins…

Two-tier stacked cutlery drawer…

Blind-corner pull-out…

Even with the movable shelves in the “blind corner”, there is still empty space, so I will be able to store a few tall items that I rarely use.

I am getting SOOOOO excited!!! I see the light at the end of the tunnel… :D …too bad it’s still three weeks away! :(

2 comments to New Kitchen, Part 18: Lower Cabinets Installed

  • Kate

    It is looking great! I can only imagine how excited you must be! Yay! :-)
    Have a great Thanksgiving!


    • Stef

      Thanks, Kate! I can’t wait. We’re getting closer.

      The outside water pipe which links into kitchen water supply needs to be moved. This will allow us to pull out the shelves which are shown inside the cabinet above. It is supposed to come out so both sliding sides are even.

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