New Kitchen, Part 19: Honey What?

When you hear “Honey Bucket” what do you think?

Most of the world thinks this…

But, here in Oregon…

…this is what we think…

Not so bad, right? ;) Actually, since we haven’t had a toilet on the main floor of our house for three-and-a-half weeks, we’ve had a Honey Bucket in our driveway…

It has come in handy… but I will admit that having the whole neighborhood aware of trips to the “little girls room” has been a bit embarrassing, but it’s better than having to use a real bucket in the driveway! :lol:

Oh yeah… going to the Honey Bucket in 41 degree weather… NOT FUN! :(

Strange that I never feel embarrassed when I’m using one at a softball tournament. Maybe it’s because everyone else has to, too! ;)

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