New Kitchen, Part 8: Prayers Answered TWICE

Thought of the Day…Anyone who thinks praying does no good has lost faith. ~Me

First of all, I’m sorry I have been away for so long. I know you’re waiting to hear about the remodel… I has been quite a week. It has been INSANE!! I will come back and update you on those details later, but I just wanted to share some EXCITING news!

Feel free to skip this box if you want to skip a brief lesson on my faith… It’s OK, I won’t be offended…

I realize that today’s Thought of the Day may “put off” some people. I’m sorry I don’t mean to offend. I choose to not push my religious beliefs on others, but do sometimes express my own beliefs. I am a Christian and have faith. I also personally believe that prayer is not always the only answer (ex. faith healing alone – sorry if you don’t agree, but I believe God gave doctors knowledge for a reason – to heal).

Sometimes God says, “No.” I may not be happy with this and admittedly have been extremely extremely angry at God in the past, but haven’t stopped talking to Him – angry, but not to the point of not talking to Him – even after loosing my first two babies. :cry: I have learned over the past 20 years that if I continue to have faith and talk with God I will eventually be at peace. But that is not the subject of this post so I will stop digressing…

Sometimes God says, “YES!” and I smile and literally jump for joy! I have had two “YIPPEEE” days this week and did actually jumped for joy this morning!!

As you recall from my New Kitchen, Part 7: Cabinets Demolition our contractors found mold on our sub-floor and I panicked. Well, Kevin and Miguel came back on Tuesday and removed all the rotten sub-floor… (this is Miguel)

The rotten stud was also replaced…




Looks so much better, don’t you think?

Now… for the jumping for joy moment….

Our cabinet guy Jason called… Remember, Jason… he is the one that looks like Leonardo DiCaprio… Sorry, I digressed again! Anyway, when we ordered our cabinets, Jason told us it would take 3-4 weeks. Our project manager Brad and I expected 4 weeks (Nov 17)…

Guess what?!?!?!?

…drum roll please…

Jason sent me an email this morning which read, “I wanted to let you know that your cabinets are going to be here on the 10th.” Did you catch that… Yep, you guessed it… a week “earlier than expected”… right at 3 weeks!!!! :D

When I called Brad to let him know he replied, “Wow… that speeds things up.” :D When I hung up the phone, I literally jumped for joy! :lol:

...Can I hear a “Yipeeeeeee!”?

7 comments to New Kitchen, Part 8: Prayers Answered TWICE

  • Are you doing the Happy Dance? You should be! And after seeing the after pictures, I agree, looks MUCH’a’mo beta! :) I’d do the happy dance with you, but they might look at me funny since I’m sitting here at my desk. shhhh don’t tell!

  • Ma

    I am so glad you finally haave something to be happy about in your latest travails. So by the middle of the week things will really start to buzz along!

    love you,

  • Debbie

    Yay! Anytime a construction project takes “shorter” rather than longer, that is something to be happy about! Can’t wait to see the finished project(s).

    Have a great weekend! And, never stop talking to God! He’s our source for anything good:)

    • Stef

      Our project manager Brad is working hard to get things done for us sooner rather than later. Which I appreciate so much! I have a bunch of photos to post from the last few days and hope to work on those posts today (and tomorrow)… but need sleep.

  • I am glad your prayers were answered! So nice to have you stop by. Did you happen to read about our kitchen remodel on my side bar? I should have mentioned that it took 9 months and how my husband finally had to tell people they had until the first week of December and then we were closing up the house and they could come back and start in January, but if they wanted any money for Dec. they had 3 days to finish. Amazingly they got done in 3 days what they couldn’t finish in 2 months!

    I am sorry to hear about the loss of your two children. There is so much we don’t understand but I am so grateful that with time we can have peace.

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