First Batch of Cookies

I LOVE my new range! As I mentioned in my What to Cook First post, it is an Electrolux EW30DF65GS.

It is a dual-fuel (gas top, electric convection oven), dual-oven (only one oven is convection) and has 5 burners… It is soooo great for baking cookies.

See all these cookies?

I can bake all cookies at ONE TIME! Before you count them, there are 76. Yep, I can bake all 76 at once!

The top oven has three adjustable racks. I was able to get five of the six baking sheets and stones in the top oven…

…and the bottom oven held the remaining sheet/stone.

Do you know the downside to baking 76 cookies at one time? You have to have a place to cool them and then ice them. Thanks to Hubby we got most of them iced. 😀 We ran out of room to put them, so the rest went un-iced.

How many cookies to do you bake at one time?