Remodel, Part 22: Sink and Backsplash

Sorry for the delay since my last Remodel post… I didn’t realize it had been over 10 days! Ooops! Last week was a very difficult week. The electrical sub-contractor argued with me two days in a row. Of course he waits to do it when none of my heroes are around to stop him. The first day, I dealt with him directly. But the second day I was fed up and told my contractor… :D

It stopped. ;) In fact, I DIDN’T even have to repeat myself! ;)

Enough of that… let me get you caught up.

My last remodel post was Remodel, Part 21: Countertops Installed. I had someone ask for a photo of the sink. I am waiting for that because as you will see in the following photos, the countertops are covered with protective paper boards. But I will show you as soon as they’re all off.

In the meantime, meet Josh…

Josh isn’t shy like Brad, Kevin, Aaron, Memo, Miguel, Brent…

…basically everyone else, except Rick.

Josh is The Tile Guy… Here he is getting ready to put the tile backsplash in near the peninsula…

He had to wait to put the top row in after the electrician put the under-cabinet lights in…

…Oh look… Matt’s hiding, too… Josh is busy with the range wall…

…Is Brent hiding again? Or is he working??? Is he making it look like it’s working by handing something to Matt who is on the floor connecting the sink?

Josh had to come back another day (in case you noticed his sweatshirt color changed)…

The last piece of “main” tile…

…is ready to go…


There are still some trim pieces we’re waiting for, but here is the tile before the grout…

Josh then came back the next day to apply the grout…

As soon as the final pieces come in he’ll be back to finish and I’ll post the updates.

What kind of backsplash do you have? Is it tile, granite, laminate…? Does it go all the way to the cabinets? Do you like it?

2 comments to Remodel, Part 22: Sink and Backsplash

  • Ours is tile, but I’m not crazy about it. It was there when we got the house and we’re still trying to decide what to do with the kitchen.

    • Stef

      Hint… Do NOT remodel during the holidays. ;) We had a short bit of tile before the remodel and I like the looks of this better. Also, won’t have to worry about scrubbing paint if I have a tomato sauce explosion or grease pop on the walls. I like that. Our old tile had a large grout line. The new tile does not. I don’t like cleaning grout!

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