Smell is G-O-N-E gone!

If you recall from my Time to Vent: Clothes smell like gas post, I had a TERRIBLE gas smell from my defective dryer.

Well, the dryer is fixed!! But I still had the problem of the “SMELL”! Well, as the title of this post reads… the smell is G-O-N-E gone!!! YIPPEEEEE! 😀

Several years ago, Mama gave me a book called Queen Cleans Everything by Linda Cobb, the “Queen of Clean”.

On the “Laundry Odor’” page, The Queen mentions vinegar and a product called ODORZOUT Laundry Additive Powder. Unfortunately it isn’t available in our area… I ordered it from for $15.10.

…In the meantime… I got out a book my sister Beth game me called The Vinegar Book… Among other really interesting things it talks about laundry smells.

Well, The Queen said gas smell is not usually removed by vinegar, but I thought I’d give it a try… Ma let me come over and I used her machine to soak the clothes in a gallon of vinegar and water… YEP a gallon!

It didn’t help! 😥

As I mentioned The Queen recommends ODORZOUT Laundry Additive Powder to get the smell of gas out of clothing. So when it arrived I used two teaspoons in a normal laundry load…

… and as the title says… THE SMELL IS GONE!! I was stunned!

Run, don’t walk, your fingers over to your mouse (or trackpad) and order your ODORZOUT!