New Favorite Salad Dressing

Have you ever had a salad dressing and thought… WOW! Well, that’s what happened when I fixed this salad…

If you’re up for a change give Kraft’s Light Raspberry Vinaigrette a try. It’s a vinaigrette with a bit of sweet… love, Love, LOVE it!!! The Offspring loves it, too!

Update: Ranch has been my favorite salad dressing for years. It probably still is, but I’ve been looking for a really good vinaigrette. I use Ranch on the side all the time when I’m at restaurants. To avoid too much fat, I dip my fork in it and then get the salad on my fork, so I don’t use that much. I don’t buy it for home because I don’t use enough of it and it’s a waste.

I would love to find a really good homemade version that is as good as “Hidden Valley Ranch”. I want to avoid MSG (Accent seasoning). Any suggestions?

Have you ever tried this Kraft’s Light Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing? What’s your favorite salad dressing?