SCORE! The Reveal

If you recall from my SCORE! A Preview post I talked about spending Valentine’s Day with Hubby shopping at Marshalls and how he pointed out this Le Creuset display.

I was swamped with work last week and so I didn’t get back here to do my Valentine’s Day recap. :) It’s now time for the reveal…

We did indeed buy some Le Creuset stoneware… I picked out two 8.5-inch loaf pans ($14.99 each), a large 2.75 quart crock ($14.99, but I may return), a 10-inch rectangle pan ($12.99) and an 9-inch oval pan ($12.99)…

…a Wii Balance Board neoprene cover for $7.99 (and it has a free 30-day membership to 24 Hour Fitness)…

…A cute bottle. I am planning on making garlic infused olive oil…

The best score… We found some Zwilling J.A.Henckels Twin Pro knives for $49.99 (marked as retail of $120.00 and $140.00)…

…but the best gift my loving Hubby gave me… we spent the evening together… laughing, smiling, joking, shopping, talking, dinner and a movie. He even surprised me with these beautiful roses!

I had an awesome Valentine’s Day! I love you, Hubby!!! :D

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