Pioneer Woman’s Rosemary Rolls

A while back I was catching up on reading at Sarah’s blog and I clicked on one of her “Link Within” links that led to her 2010 Valentine’s Day Dinner post. She talked about making Pioneer Woman’s Rosemary Rolls. They sounded quite yummy and reminded me I’d seen a variety PW’s posts about them so I decided to make them.

Pioneer Woman uses Rhode’s rolls. I had never used frozen rolls before. I didn’t expect to find the brand she uses here in Oregon (local readers… they’re at Winco). Go figure…

I was really surprised to see how well they rose after about 3 hours or so…

I used smart balance (instead of butter), rosemary from my herb garden and Kosher salt (instead of the coarse sea salt Pioneer Woman uses)…

They turned out light, fluffy and quite yummy!!!.

Have you ever made Pioneer Woman’s Rosemary Rolls?