Is there a doctor in the House?

John T. Woods, photo used with permission

How many of you remember John T. Woods?

If not, take a look at my John T. Woods post. Love his smile!!

Remember, he’s my co-worker’s actor son who has co-starred in a few of TV shows (Dark Blue, 24, iCarly, and The Ex List). He had a several-line guest starring roles on NCIS and The Forgotten.

Well… he’s done it again! He wrote me today and said that last week he just finished filming an episode for FOX’s House, M.D.!

His episode is supposed to be on in April. I’m not sure what his role will be, but as soon I hear, I’ll update this post and I will let you know when to set your DVRs!!

What’s really interesting… I dreamt over the weekend he earned an Emmy! 😀 Well… ya never know! 😉