Adding Color

Since our kitchen remodel with white cabinets and tile backspash, Hubby and I have talked about how to add color to the kitchen. Our plan is that pots and pans, dishes, canisters/crocks and utensils will add the missing color. Over the weekend we found some sale items that would help.

Nicole over at Life’s a Beach (formerly That’s Life) has talked about Rachael Ray and although I had heard of her I hadn’t ever watched any of her TV shows. I know, I’m way out of touch, right? Well, I started watching some of her shows on The Food Network. I even checked out her talk show. I loved how on her talked show she would visit with her guests around the kitchen/dinner table. What a cute idea.

I was fascinated when I saw these spoons. The notch in the handle was intriguing…

… it is intended to let the spoon rest on the side of the pot or skillet and then the juices can drip back into the pan…

Made of silicon it it is heat resistant to 500 degrees F. I LOVE the ladle… it’s shape is great for serving…

We’ve had white plates and bowls for years. Many of them need to be tossed because they’re chipped, but what a hassle… I have heard of Fiestaware for years. We really liked the idea of a product that was made in the USA; can go in fridge, freezer, microwave and dishwasher; most importantly contains NO LEAD.

We decided that we didn’t want to be “plain” so instead of having a set of single colored plates, we wanted to mix it up with a bunch of different colors. We purchased the peacock, lemongrass, tangerine and plum four-piece sets. This picture isn’t that good, but you get the idea…

We plan on getting another four sets, but we wanted to wait.

What color are your dishes? Do you have a single color or do you mix colors?

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  • Evil Gypsy

    You know, by endorsing RR you just lost your cred…………

  • Well my plates are Fiesta… some are the 4 piece set, some are the 5 piece set. Some are Shamrock which I think they are discontinuing and replacing with the Lemongrass.. booo… LOL and the other is Sunflower (now you see why boo on the Lemongrass… too similar in color)

    And RR is the bombdiggity :)… LOL. My spoons are green but then again, my kitchen is green and yellow… hello ;)

    • Stef

      Our Macys had a bunch of the Shamrock and Sunflower. If you need to complete your set let me know.

      Why doesn’t it surprise me that your RR spoons are green?!? I want the purple ones now, too. ;)

  • Kirsten

    We have a 4 piece place setting of every color and use them daily. We have retired the colors that they are no longer making. I love those utensils…I may have to get some!

    • Stef

      We plan on getting a service for 8. I don’t want the white because we already have the white… but now that I think about it… it is made in the USA and lead free… Hmmmmm… I may rethink my thought on that. I wasn’t too wild about the black, brown or the new nutmeg… too “earthy”. I am using bright colors as my accents… but now I’m rethinking that… ARGH!

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