Banana Bread with Bourbon

Emily over at The Happy Home has a cute blog. She has a multitude of posts about a variety of topics… including Home renovations and my two favorite sections Cocktail Fridays and Recipes.

I’m not sure how I managed to get to a post from last September, but I stumbled onto her Banana Bread post. She had gotten the recipe from another blog, but I didn’t care. If you have been reading my blog for a while you know I have my Grandma B’s Banana Bread recipe and I LOVE IT but I decided that Emily’s post couldn’t go untried. 😉

There are some key differences between Emily’s post and Grandma B’s is the following:

Grandma B’s Emily’s post
shortening melted butter
sugar brown sugar
2 eggs 1 egg


ground cloves (I only had whole so omitted)

bourbon (like Emily, none in house, but I got some from Ma and Pa)

When I started making the recipe it was late and I didn’t want to take a bunch of pictures. Emily joked that she never gets a picture of the preheat temperature, but I did take one – just for you, Emily! 😀

Here is the loaf pan before it went into the oven…

…and afterwards…

I am still getting used to my convection oven… the recipe calls for “clean toothpick” test… so I had to put it back in and the top pieces got a little burned…

It was still piping hot and I couldn’t resist putting a little butter on it … remember… I’m low in dietary fat😉

Hubby said that it was good. Different from my normal banana bread… enough different that one could enjoy it and not really compare it. We could takes the alcohol flavor (oh yeah, I also used Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla which I haven’t ever used before), but not like a shot glass… the flavor was there but it was tasty! 😀

All-in-all, I will make it again! Thanks for sharing, Emily! (even if I was over 6 months late in getting to it!)