Need Advice: Food Processor


With all the kitchen gadgets I have I do not have a “real” food processor. I have a Braun Hand/Imersion Blender with an attachment that acts like a food processor. It has fulfilled my needs to date, but some recipes call for pouring/adding ingredients while the food processor is moving. I can’t do that with mine. I have to stop and open the lid to add any ingredients.

Do I need a food processor?

As I sit here and type this, I am thinking to myself… nope, but then I hear in my head “Mama has the same hand blender setup I do and she also has a food processor.” Then my head starts spinning!

If so, which one? Do you have a brand recommendation? If so, why or why not?

What features do I look for?

How big a unit do I need?


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  • Debbie

    Can’t help you Stef. I just have a little (maybe 2 cups) one that I use for chopping onions, etc. I don’t have room for a bigger one that would need to stay on the counter. But, I drank my first cup of coffee out of a Kuerig last night and now I’m pining away for one of those! What’s a girl to do?

  • Small ones are good to have for small jobs but big ones are handy too. I only have a big one which is a pita when just a small one will do! I have a Cuisinart. It’s the best IMO

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